Cross-Country Skiing in Tyrol

Perfectly groomed cross-country trails amidst the magical mountain scenery of Tyrol – what more could a skier’s heart desire?

For as long as we can remember, cross-country skiing has been recognized as one of the healthiest sports there is. Upper body, back, arm and leg muscles - there's barely any part of the body that doesn't get a good workout.

And getting in some exercise in the fresh mountain air of Tyrol doesn't just strengthen your body, it also invigorates your spirits. You actually seem to become a part of the nature which surrounds you.
You recharge your batteries and awaken your zest for life - after an extended cross-country tour in the heart of the glorious winter scenery of Tyrol's Zugspitz Arena, with over 100 km of ski trails, you are overcome by a rare sense of total happiness.

Back at the hotel, you are able to relax at the hotel pool or in the Alpenhof's world of wellness.