Cross-Country Skiing in Tyrol

For as long as we can remember, cross-country skiing has been recognized as one of the healthiest sports there is.

Upper body, back, arm and leg muscles - there's barely any part of the body that doesn't get a good workout.

And getting in some exercise in the fresh mountain air of Tyrol doesn't just strengthen your body, it also invigorates your spirits. You actually seem to become a part of the nature which surrounds you.
You recharge your batteries and awaken your zest for life - after an extended cross-country tour in the heart of the glorious winter scenery of Tyrol's Zugspitz Arena, with over 100 km of ski trails, you are overcome by a rare sense of total happiness.

Back at the hotel, you are able to relax at the hotel pool or in the Alpenhof's world of wellness.


1. Ehrwald - Moosloipe

Difficulty: Easy - Length: approx. 3.9 km - Technique: classic & skating

This scenic and easy circular route runs along the Loisach and is also suitable for beginners and families. Starting point of the trail is at the indoor pool or at the tennis court in Ehrwald.


2. Ehrwald - Golf Rundloipe

Difficulty: Easy - Length: approx. 2.7 km - Technique: classic & skating

Starting point of the easy round trail is the parking lot at the Ehrwald golf course. The snow-covered cross-country ski trail leads across the entire golf course, past the clubhouse and back.