Mountain lakes and bathing lakes in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena

A beautiful lake landscape around Ehrwald invites you to dream and swim alike.

Take a long hike to one of the lakes and be enchanted by the picturesque mountain idyll or experience the pure refreshment and joie de vivre and immerse yourself in the clear fresh, clear water.

Whether at the Blindsee, Mittersee or at the Bichlbach bathing lake ... a relaxing day at the beach away from the noise and stress of everyday life, there is nothing in the way of your holiday in Ehrwald.



Altitude: 1.093m, area: 26 ha
Depth: 25 m, water temperature: 18-22 C

This idyllic mountain lake is located in a mountain landscape below Fernpaßes. Here you can swim or, if allowed, go fishing and diving.



Altitude: 1.086m, area: 3.7 ha
Depth: 4 m, water temperature: approx. 22 C

The Mittersee is located near Biberwier, the small beautiful mountain lake has a water temperature of about 22 C in the summer, a new playground was built directly on the lake.


Bathing lake Bichlbach

Altitude: 1.075m, area: 104 ha
Depth: 2,8m, water temperature: approx. 24 C

The large natural lake is located in the sports and leisure park Bichlbach. There is a swimming area, a children's area, large sunbathing areas, a jumping tower and a slide.

Mountain lakes in the Tiroler Zugspitz Area

Jewels of the Mountain World!

Surrounding Ehrwald is glorious countryside flecked with lakes, simultaneously inviting you to dream and swim. Set out on an extended hike to one of the lakes, allowing yourself to be enchanted by this picturesque mountain idyll, or experience pure refreshment and zest for life as you dive into the clear, spring-fresh  waters.

Whether at the Blindsee, Mittersee or Weißensee... during your vacation in Ehrwald, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing day spent in and around the water.