Treats for the Palate at Hotel Alpenhof

Spend your holidays here with us, as a couple or with friends.

Raise your glasses to a wonderful day well spent and an array of unforgettable moments. This is how a delightful evening begins here with us at the Alpenhof in Ehrwald.
Enjoying the finer things and giving yourself a true treat - ultimately, what an Alpenhof Culinary Pampering is all about

Culinary World of the Alpenhof
The Alpenhof's chef of many years, Mr. Lehr, along with his creative kitchen team, is able to guarantee perfect epicurean enjoyment without any regrets. Mr. Lehr places great store in using fresh, carefully selected regional products. Meat and fish from trusted suppliers are given a low-fat preparation that truly does honor to the protein and creates heavenly treats for the taste buds.

Maturing towards perfection in our wine cellars is an outstanding selection of 120 top-quality wines - from the best vineyards of Tuscany, Lombardy, France, Germany and, naturally enough, Austria - expertly cellared and enjoyed at the right moment in time!